- Grounded Energy -
A Textile Pattern Collection


These patterns are inspired by the outdoors and characteristics found in nature. This collection is for someone who has a love for the outdoors, and earths bountiful creations. The vast array of different terrains are extreme, from the ocean, desert, buttes, and mountains.


- Butte -

The desert is full of rich colors from burnt siennas to neutral tans, and that was the main characteristic that inspired this pattern. Also the uneven and very abrupt way that buttes just shoot up from the ground was also a large play in the organic placement of textures.


- Grassland -


The flat open grasslands are vast all across the earth. They are scattered with natural habitat, farmland, and structures. This pattern was inspired by the geometric shapes seen when you look across the flat horizon. The straight horizon brings out any interruptions with the sky.


- Ocean -


When you think of the ocean, there are a few things you might think of. The neutral sandy beach, and the sea foam green water, and white waves crashing. The inspiration for this pattern was based on the beautiful organic colors that the ocean portrays.


- Mountain -


The crisp white mountain caps will catch your eye in the distance. The contrast from the black rocks and white fluffy snow was inspiration for this pattern. The snow being collected on the pine trees, contrasting against the pine needles creates beautiful dark organic shapes.