- Oregon Spirit Fair -


The Oregon Spirit Fair creates experiences that nourish the mind body and soul through sustainability, art, and music. It is a three day fair that offers the finest entertainment, hand-made crafts, and music. Living artfully and creating unique experiences with family is what we are all about. We are in a wooded setting with our own water and communication systems, security team, and recycling service.



- Promotional Poster -

Each person that purchases two tickets or more will receive this promotional poster for the 2017 Oregon Spirit Fair. To express the feeling and energy the fair provides, the main events were included as illustrations. Music, camping, performances, and nature will bring everybody together. 




- Website -

The design process behind this website layout was based on not only making the design cohesive and incorporate illustrative elements throughout the rebrand, but also usability. The goal was to make this as straight forward and user friendly as possible.